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Helping Hands is our recently expanded mission to provide tangible financial, advisory and spiritual support to Maine families fighting ALS. When one family member is stricken with ALS, it affects the entire nuclear and extended family, including friends and co-workers. That’s why our motto is: “Because every family with with ALS matters.”. Below is a sampling of what we were able to do in 2018, thanks to the generosity of our donors


Tell us what you need - we'll see if we can help. If you know someone who has been recently diagnosed, let us know.

For more information, email us at: or download our ALS grants application.

We rented a handicap accessible van for the Pulschers so they could enjoy a week  long family reunion in Maine

Through our partnership with Bathfitter-Maine, we installed roll-in shower for Craig & Jody Mains


A few examples of ways we’ve helped families with ALS:


  • Through an established relationship with Coram Infusion Services, we’ve been able to accelerate the transition from the typically prescribed, commercially manufactured enteral formulas to Liquid Hope. Liquid Hope is an organic, whole food formula. Current Medicare rules state that whole food formulas are only available to patients with a documented clinical record of intolerance of commercial formulas. Call or email us with questions.   We are working with federal legislators to change Medicare rules.

  • We've formalized a partnership with Bathfitter-Maine to install roll-in showers for pALS in Maine.

  • We've paid for add-on functionality for electric wheelchairs, such as the 'elevator' feature so many find useful. Medicare is refusing to pay for these add-ons now.

  • We  had the pleasure of renting a handicap van for a young mother of three, flying to Maine from the western US for a week long family reunion .

  • We’ve supplied families with 4’ folding portable ramps. 

  •  We’ve spent one-on-one time with newly diagnosed families. Support Groups definitely have a place but there’s no substitute for private, relaxed conversation in a safe, confidential setting.

  • We visited with housebound pALS and Caregivers.  Sometimes we can identify and fill a simple need, like a humidifier   Often it’s just being a sympathetic ear or holding a hand.

  •  And, we’ve initiated a Natural Caregivers bill that was signed into law in 2019. 

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