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Rep. Corey’s bill to allow spouses to provide home and community-based services is now law!

July 19, 2019 - The Windham Eagle

WINDHAM – Rep. Patrick Corey (R-Windham) announced his legislation, LD 84, Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Allow Spouses To Provide Home and Community-based Services to Eligible MaineCare Members has been...

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Functional Formularies Offers Organic, Plant-Based Options for Tube-Feeding

March 17, 2019


by Ellen Kammer - No one discussed nutrition with John Gregoire when he had his feeding tube placed in 2014. The hospital nutritionist simply prescribed a calorie-rich enteral formula and sent on him on his way.Within a week, Gregoire’s health--already impaired by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis...

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How Hope Helps Us Celebrate My ”Terminal” Disease

By John Gregoire  December 26,2016.

On December 17th of 2007, I was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable neurological disease. I was given 18 months to live. The Doctor told us “Get your affairs in order, max out your credit cards and travel.” This year, we will celebrate my 9th Christmas since hearing those words.

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How A Volunteer 'Voice Bank' Helps The Speech Impaired

By Michael Alison Chandler  December 5, 2016

Ryan. Alex. Siri. These are names of robotic voices that are often programmed on electronic tablets. They also become default identities for people with speech disorders who rely on technology Innovations for ALS.... 


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The Human Voice is the Organ of the Soul

Bradford Pearson, Southwest Magazine May 2016


Right now, tens of millions of speech-impaired people around the world have no choice but to use mass-produced generic voices straight from a computer. 


Rupal Patel has a different idea...


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