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We understand what families with ALS and other debilitating diseases face every day. We understand because our Co-Founders and their sons have been facing ALS since 2007 and they've met many, many families fighting similar battles. We know the struggle of the afflicted, the never-ending work of caregivers and the effect these diseases have on the children and the extended family.

Our team can provide advice and connections, based on our own experience with national and regional ALS organizations as well as specialty care providers. Our work with cutting edge Innovators who provide a range of products and services, from food to speech therapy, enables us to serve as an alternative resource -for families battling this rare disease.

Additionally, we may be able to provide more “hands on” support in the form of used or new equipment or grants to pay for items not covered by insurance. Tell us what you need - we'll see if we can help.

For us, the "brass ring" will be the construction of a 10 bed ALS Residence operating with the principles of the Green House Project. We believe our planned Pilot home could change the face of Long  Care in Maine for ALS patients AND the elderly. Maine's shortage of Long Term Care workers can best be addressed by changing the work environment, the care model and the living conditions for the most frail among us.

For more information, email us at: or download our grant application.

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