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On August 12th, 2012 a friend texted me from Jaco Beach in Costa Rica. He asked if he could write something in the sand, take a photo and send it to me. I replied "Hope", which had become Linda and my watchword since my diagnosis of ALS in December of 2007. Within minutes, a photo appeared on my Facebook timeline. He had photographed "Hope", but he also added "JG", my initials.

Soon after, he marshalled the services of several "Hope Agents" to send photos from Colombia, Singapore, Ireland, Spain, and even from an in-flight Air Force plane - all with signs that read "Hope-JG". Those literal signs of Hope from around the world were the basis for name of our   ALS charity..

Since that time, we've created a Facebook Page named "Hope" and have received photos from Paris, Egypt, the summit of Mt Washington, the Appalachian Trail, Mexico, Jamaica and various places in the US. Now, we're sending our Hope Stone to people who will host it and take photos from as far away the Antarctic.

We encourage you to add to the collection from wherever you are. Just make a sign like the ones in the photos below or contact us about hosting he Stone at: info@hope-jg.org or post on the Where In The World Is The Hope Stone? Group Page at:


Hope has been our anchor as we battle ALS. If you're family is fighting a similar battle, won't you join us and make Hope your anchor too?

John & Linda Gregoire