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In partnership with the ALS Residence Initiative (, our long term goal is to establish an ALS/MS Residence in Maine.

As defined on the ALSRI website, an ALS/MS Residence is an effort " provide people with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease, and other debilitating conditions an environment where they can live vital and productive lives with meaningful freedom and independence.".


We are proud to be associated with ALSRI which is an extension of the first of its kind in the country ALS/MS Residence at The Leonard Florence Center for Living in Chelsea, MA.


We will advocate to have an ALS/MS Residence built in Maine. It will feature organic, non-GMO food - even for residents who use feeding tubes, non-toxic cleaning chemicals and state of the art technology.


A house… and a whole lot more.

What will make our ALS/MS Residence unique from the Long Term Care homes in Maine will be the combination of a patient centered care model and world class technology


Green House homes are a way of life for the patients thriving in them, the teams working in them, and the healthcare providers who believe in them.

What makes The Green House Project different ?

  • Nurtures patients in a circle of care

  • Enables deep relationships between patients and caregivers

  • Turns the institutional organizational chart upside down

  • Provides a home for 10-12 people, with private room/baths, that harmonizes with the neighboring community

  • Creates a real home environment with an open kitchen, great room, and easy access to the outdoors.

  • Meets federal and state licensing requirements

  • Respects flexible routines, personal preferences

  • Nurtures a familial experience around a common dining table

  • Welcomes friends and family members

  • Encourages personal growth and enables patients to continue to pursue their interests and passions.

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